Jonté Designs at the 2019 Brownlow

Another Brownlow, means another year of red carpet fashion! Two Jonté Designs gowns were styled and rocked!
It was a great pleasure dressing the stunning Elli Brashaw for the 2019 Brownlow Ceremony! Dockers player Nat Fyfe picked up his 2nd Brownlow medal on Monday night, accompanied by his girlfriend - wearing the "controversial sleeve", Jonté Bronze Brownlow Gown - available for pre order in October!
The controversial sleeves - I feel I need to address all the questions and comments! This design element was a contrasting juxtaposition picking up the black through the Bronze fabric with a playful elbow slit linking to that striking slit on the leg. I must say I love the fact it is a talking point, what's a gown without an element that gains an audiences attention?!
Rated 10/10 by, with the satisfying metallic combo of gold and bronze. The Jonté Bronze Brownlow Gown will be available to order in October! Keep an eye out with a limited number of gowns being up for grabs!
Proud mumma moment! Anthony McDonald-Tipungwuti invited his mum to accompany him to the Brownlow 2019 ceremony! Looking so beautiful in the Starry Night Gown, paired with the Ritz Beaded Top. Was such a delight styling this pretty lady Monday night, what a look.