Fashion Modelling Industry Workshop

We had the pleasure of being involved in a Fashion Modelling Industry Workshop alongside Jeremy Phillips, Marianne Rom and Elona Commerell. The workshop targeted models enthusiasts who wanted to up-skill during this COVID lockdown period. Here are some of the gorgeous photos produced from the day!
The issue surrounding diversity within the fashion industry has become increasingly questioned and exposed within recent years. With this shift different ethnicities, body types and genders are beginning to be represented, and once marginalised groups are now being exposed to mainstream media. We wanted to celebrate and promote this change through this workshop. 
The day had a large focus on building body positivity, confidence and embraced diversity within the fashion industry. There was an introduction to the runway where we practised walking down a catwalk and then we went into the editorial style photo shoot.
The women were made to feel comfortable and encouraged to be themselves and in doing that their photos represented them as individuals. 
Thanks to Jeremy Phillips, Marianne Rom and Elona Commerell for being involved in this special event with us. This is definitely something that we will host again due to its huge positive response from everyone!